Rhythmic Leotards from Europe

Shipping from Ukraine



Shipping from Ukraine using regular low cost post has been very random over the past year.  Some orders have taken a few weeks and some have taken several months.  Our cost to you includes regular postage from Ukraine, but the time involved in getting your leotard to you may be quite a while.  We have noticed that using an express post courier such as DHL or EMS (  a similar type of courier company ) is very reliable and can be tracked easily.  They will also arrive very fast, usually in a week or two from when shipped.  It is now our recommendation that if you want your leotards in a timely manner, that you use the courier service.  If you elect to use regular post, time of delivery could be several months.  The cost to use DHL is 85.00 per order and that could hold up to 2 leotards.

Since stock is low, many leotards shown on the site are still located in Europe.  Some are located in Canada and we suggest you ask us where they are before you order.  Many of the pre-loved are in Canada.

** If you choose to use Fast shipping, once you are checking out your order check the DHL shipping option.