Rhythmic Leotards from Europe
European Leotards in North America

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Annabelle’s Choice is a cool new site that give reviews of Places, things, food, clothes and lifestyle stuff for kids. IMG_4534 Its just growing and we are going to follow Anna from 2 to 20 and see  the things that come and go  –  and the things that stick around…  Be sure to look for great deals and savings on many things… wink wink

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Acrobatic Leotards

We are now in the process of having seveal leotards done for Acrobatic Gymnasts.  We have had our tailors in Ukraine adjust to accomodate the different requirments for Acrobatic Gymnastics Leotards.  We will post photos once complete.  Please enquire if you need any customization done to leoards for other sports.

Rhythmic Leotards.com now open to public

After building up our inventory and getting ready to start a new rhythmic season, our site is now live and taking orders and ready to ship leotards.  Don’t wait to long as these leotards will sell fast.  If you have any questions or want more information on something just email us at info@rhythmicleotards.com